Health and Safety

We keep up to standard for all our customers.


The propose of this policy is to ensure that we follow the legal requirements of monitoring and reviewing our HSSE Management System.


This applies to all documents and activities within our HSSE Management System. Interchem Limited complies with legal requirements as well as best practices in the industry.


  • All incidents and accidents reports will be reviewed on a monthly basis, root causes will be identified and control measures will be put in place to prevent these incidents or accidents from reoccurring.
  • All issues raised form the safety committee shall be documented and a close off time period of two months will be implemented
  • All risk assessment will be reviewed annually. The only time other than this will be in the event of an accident.
  • Management’s commitment to HSSE will also be reviewed annually. Looking back at steps take to promote safety, adhering to safety rules, conducting safety inspections, safety meeting with client